Ackara Vissa Eco Farm

Retreat & Safari



 This unique place will give you the tropical living style with an

ecological modern standard for alternative stay.


Welcome at our magical retreat, Cottages build by local materials with solar power and traditional architecture and access to the river for bathing.

Our Organic Rice Farm is in a traditional paddy fields area next to the "Kataragama Temple Complex" The "Yala National Park"

entrance is 20 minutes close.

The combination of agriculture and retreat with basic

vegetarian ayurveda wood fire meals from local vegetables

and fresh fruits will give you a healthy taste of sri lanka.

In partnership with the 

"Gem River Edge Safari Team“

we organize Yala Safari.

Enjoy the nature for responsible tourism and ask for more details.

Video by Rui Sousa

Mud House
Mud House
A typical traditional architecture all from ecological materials in combination
with solar power for usb and a jungle shower in a modern style. 

We organise jeep and bush walking safari, birdwatching, cooking courses,

bicycle tours or other trips deeper in nature in and

around yala national park.

Visit the close Kataragama Temple Complex for puja or the multi-religious pilgrims 

festival in july- august.

Take a bath in the sacred menik ganga (gem river) or relax in hammocks in

our magical shady area and watch for birds and monkeys.

Have a walk through the ackara vissa farm with lot of vegetables,

fruits, herbs and spices.

Cook together with us in a wood fire kitchen vegetarian rice & curries.

Enjoy your time with adventure, culture and good food in our ist farm.

We realise different packages according to you wishes.

Book directly with us

Google Maps: 
Ackara Vissa Eco Farm Retreat
Sella Kataragama - Kiri Vehera Rd, 
Sri Lanka